We have taken a pledge of contributing something to the nation and its people. Be it in sense of sowing seeds of happiness, cultivating relief or harvesting education. It simply works on the motto “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.


The society has been foremost been divided into groups in order to distribute volunteers according to one’s interest. However, we’ve been making sure since the beginning, “we all are one big family”.

Teach The Kids

“Education is what comes to rescue, when everything falls apart”

We believe that when God has bestowed us with such a standard of education, it is our moral duty to help those who couldn’t wake up to the ray of knowledge.

An auditorium is being constructed within the college premises where workers did hard labour and their kids used to roam around idly. It was then, that the idea of teaching them the basic struck. Our college resides in the lap of God, so it occurred us, the knowledge has to be spread in every corner.

Throughout the year, kids were taught regularly, taken to picnics and celebrated festivals with.

This year too, i.e; 2011-12 kids had a good start and continued to work from where they left.

On Literacy Day, 8th September 2011, the entire society gathered in college lawn and explained kids about importance of education. Paper folding, clay making and drawing activities followed.

Another major event was pre-Diwali. Doll making, diya decoration, hand mehendi were all fun filled events.

Annually, “JOY OF GIVING” week is organized wherein staffs, students wholeheartedly donates any kinds of clothes, footwear, stationeries &, books. This distribution is donated among the families of construction workers and kids in nearby slums. The left over item are sent to nearby NGOs.


“Remember the happiest people are not getting more, but those giving more”
It happens to be one of the largest groups of the society which takes care of the activities involving awareness campaigns, talks, seminars and volunteering. This year together we organized the following events in college:

Moving Planet

A 3 day event to sensitize everyone regarding Energy Conservation and switching to renewable/sustainable forms of energy. A documentary was screened which awakened people to save nature followed by a special talk by a speaker from 350.org, an environment related organization which enthusiastically supported us. Competitions such as cloth bag painting, slogan writing was also held in which college students participated enthusiastically.


Blood Donation Camps

The PARIVARTAN team assisted in organizing the Blood Donation Camp in September 2011 where students and teachers donated blood with a great zeal. We vividly collected 118 units of blood in six hours.

Another recent camp was held under collaboration of AIIMS and SAPNA NGO on 23rd March 2012 where we collected 135 units of blood.

We also made an attempt to record and maintain a Volunteer Donor Database so that in case of any Blood requirement from our college we can assist by sending donors from the database.
HEALTH CAMP: The Azadpur slums were visited by college students. Health check-ups were organized under various doctors. Children, women, men were given medical aid and were benefitted.

CADD: Campaign Against Drunken Driving is a major ongoing campaign from 1sdt- 20th Feb 2012. Students are visiting 3-4 times a week spreading awareness.

ADAPT: “Adopt a Plant” was collaboration with Leaders For Tomorrow (LFT) another ngo of Delhi. Plants were planted in the lawns of college by each participating college and they are taking care of it regularly by watering the plants daily. The campus was made Greener with this campaign. Our volunteers also help the Blind Students in writing their exams in Delhi and other Universities. Informal discussions among the students such as Corruption were also a great success in the college premises.

“We cannot add days to their life but we can add life to their days”, is the motto of this one of the largest ngo’s of Delhi.

It motivates the cancer suffering patients to see life from a positive outlook and by sending a palliative unit to the patients who cannot afford hospital fees.

The volunteers help the organization in major events, fund raising concerts. Recently, the college supported and helped in organizing “WALK FOR LIFE”, an annual event which invites people from all over the world.
The main aim of this group is to create awareness regarding various social and environmental issues like child labour, access to education, disease awareness, global warming etc which are posing a threat in all social, economic, political realms. It also focuses on connecting the “real life” with the “reel life” to inculcate a broader spectrum of understanding of some grave issues.

Aman Biradari Shelter homes given a roof, food, education and clothes to street and homeless children. Our volunteers visit these homes- ‘Kilkari’ (Kashmere Gate), ‘Umeed’ (Near Qutub Minar), ‘Khushi’ (Vasant Kunj) and teach both academic and non-academic activities.